BaptismSmBaptism (also sometimes called Christening) is the service in which we welcome people into the Church. Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan and this was a turning point in his life – you can read the story in the Bible at the beginning of Mark's Gospel in the New Testament. Jesus told his followers to baptise others as a sign that they had turned away from their old life, and begun a new life as Christ's disciples.


Baptism is the first part of a two part ritual. As babies are often baptised their parents and Godparents make promises on their behalf. The second part is Confirmation when people are teenagers or older and are able to confirm the promises for themselves. Usually if adults want to be Baptised they are Confirmed by the Bishop in the same service.

Baptisms at St Nicholas are usually held on the second Sunday of the month at 10.30am and are part of the Parish Eucharist. There may be children from more than one family being baptised, but don't worry - we'll make sure there's plenty of room in church for all your family and friends. Occasionally a family may choose to have their child baptised on a Sunday afternoon at 3.30pm – please contact us to talk about dates.

If you don't live in the parish you will need to get permission from your own parish priest.

To find out more look at the Church of England web-site.

Holy Baptism should be arranged with the Vicar.